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Here’s where you can find the Canyons and Neighborhoods that make up the Hollywood Hills and some links to local Homeowner Associations Los Feliz: from Griffith Park and Los Feliz to Western and Los Feliz north, The “Oaks”: from Fern Dell & Los Feliz to Canyon & Franklin north, Hollywood Oasis: from Foothill and Briarcliff north to Tuxedo Terrace and Canyon, Bronson Canyon: from Bronson and Franklin to Beachwood and Franklin north, Beachwood Canyon: from Beachwood and Franklin to Vine Street and Franklin north, Hollywood Land: Belden and Beachwood north on the east to Hollyridge on the west to Durand, Vine Hills and the Hollywood Dell: from Franklin and Vine Street to Cahuenga and Franklin north, Hollywood Knolls: Cahuenga West & Barham to Lake Hollywood & North Knoll south, Lake Hollywood Estates: From Lake Hollywood & Tahoe to Canyon Lake & Innsdale south, Hollywood Manor: from Barham and De Witt to Blair and Universal Studios east, Universal Hills: from Lankershim and Ventura to Bennett and Cahuenga West south, Whitley Heights: from Cahuenga and Franklin to Highland and Franklin north, Hollywood Heights: from Franklin and Highland to Sycamore and Franklin north, Outpost Estates: Franklin and Outpost to Franklin and La Brea north to Mulholland,Wattles Park: from La Brea and Franklin to Curson and Hollywood Blvd north, Nichols Canyon: from Genesee/Nichols Canyon and Hollywood Blvd to Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Blvd north to Mulholland, Mt. Olympus: from Nichols Canyon & Zorada to Hollywood & Laurel Canyon/Mt. Olympus east Laurel Canyon: from Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Blvd north to Mulholland & Allenwood south, Sunset Strip: from Laurel Canyon & Sunset to Doheny and Sunset north, Mulholland Corridor: Laurel Canyon and Mulholland and Woodrow Wilson to Cahuenga West and Mulholland and Woodrow Wilson South.

Recently listed Hollywood Hills Homes

[ebis-idx-listing_custom zip="90068" statuses="1" propertytypes="516" showlargerphotos="true" orderby="Price" orderdir="DESC" count="3" locations="Alcyona Dr,Allview Terrace E,Allview Terrace W,Argyle Ave,Beachwood Dr,Beachwood Terrace,Belden Dr,Carmen Ave,Carmen Pl,Cheremoya Ave,Cocos Dr,Creston Dr,Creston Way,Dearborn Dr,Deronda Dr,Detour Dr,Dix St,Dorcas Pl,Durand Dr,East Allview Terrace,Glen Airy St,Glen Alder St,Glen Green St,Glen Green Terrace,Glen Holly St,Glen Oak St,Glen Tower St,Gower St,Graciosa Dr,Heather Dr,Helios Dr,Holly Mont Dr,Hollyridge Dr,Lambert Dr,Lechner Pl,Ledgewood Dr,Linforth Dr,Lugano Pl,Mulholland Hwy,N Beachwood Dr,N Gower St,N Hollyridge Dr,Pelham Dr,Pitcher Rd,Rockcliff Dr,Rodgerton Dr,Rutherford Dr,Scenic Ave,Temple Hill Dr,Vasanta Way,Verbena Dr,Vista Del Mar Ave,Vista Del Mar Ave,West Allview Terrace,Westshire Dr,Winans Dr,Woodhaven Dr,Woodshire Dr"][ebis-idx-listing_custom zip="90068" statuses="1" propertytypes="516" showlargerphotos="true" orderby="Price" orderdir="DESC" count="3" locations="Innsdale Dr,Canyon Lake Dr,Tahoe Dr,Mirror Lake Dr,Arrowhead Dr,Tahoe Pl,Arrowhead Pl"][ebis-idx-listing_custom zip="90068" statuses="1" propertytypes="516" showlargerphotos="true" orderby="Price" orderdir="DESC" count="3" locations="Benda Pl,Benda St,Blair Dr,Charleston Way,Craig Dr,De Witt Dr,Ellis Dr,Floyd Terrace,Hillock Dr,Hollycrest Dr,La Falda Pl,La Sombra Dr,La Suvida Dr,Lakeridege Pl,Lakeridge Dr,Lakeridge Rd,Lindo St,Longdale Ln,N Knoll Dr,Primera Ave,Primera Pl,Tarceo Dr,Troy Dr,Velma Dr,Wonder View Dr,Wonder View Plaza,Lake Hollywood Dr,North Knoll Dr,Wonder View Square,Hollycrest Pl,Wonder View Pl"][ebis-idx-listing_custom zip="90068" statuses="1" propertytypes="516" showlargerphotos="true" orderby="Price" orderdir="DESC" count="3" locations="Bryn Mwr Dr.,Cahuenga Terrace,Crest Way,Deep Dell Place,Dix St,El Contento Dr,Fink Pl,Fink St,Gilday Dr,Grape Pl,Hargrave Dr,Holly Dr,Ivar Ave,Ivarene Ave,La Granada Dr,La Punta Dr,La Rocha Dr,Logandale Dr,Longview Ave,Lorenzo Dr,Mound St,Odin St,Pilgrimage Terrace,Primrose Ave,Quebec Dr,Rinconia Dr,San Marco Dr,Vedanta Terrace,Vine St,Vine Way,W Odin St,W Quebec Dr,Weid Pl,Weidlake Dr,West Odin St,West Quebec Dr,Willeta Ave"][ebis-idx-listing_custom zip="90027" statuses="1" propertytypes="516" showlargerphotos="true" orderby="Price" orderdir="DESC" count="3" locations="Aberden Ave,Aloha St,Ambrose Ave,Ames St,Amesbury Rd,Arbolada Rd,Avocado St,Ben Lomond Dr,Ben Lomond Pl,Bonuve Ave,Braeburn Way,Bryn Mawr Rd,Cadman Dr,Camero Ave,Carnavon Way,Cedarhurst Cir,Cedarhurst Dr,Cheswic Ln,Childs Ct,Chisle hurst Dr,Chislehurst Pl,Claremont Ave,Clarissa Ave,Clayton Ave,Cockerham Dr,Commonwealth Canyon Dr,Cromwell Ave,Cumberland Ave,Cummings Dr,De Longpre Ave,De Mille Dr,Deloz Ave,Dracena Dr,Dundee Dr,Dundee Pl,Effingham Pl,Ettrick St,Evans St,Farmouth Dr,Fernwood Ave,Finley Ave,Fountain Ave,Franklin Ave,Gainsborough Ave,Glencairn Rd,Glendower Ave,Glendower Pl,Glendower Rd,Griffith Park Blvd,Hillhurst Ave,Holboro Dr,Holly Knoll Dr,Hollywood Blvd,Hyperion Ave,Inverness Ave,Kingswell Ave,La Paz Dr,Lambeth St,Landa st,Laughlin Park Dr,Ley Dr,Linwood dr,Los Adornos Way,Los Bonitos Way,Los Caballeros Way,Los Diegos Way,Los Encantos Way,Los Feliz Blvd,Los Franciscoc Way,Los Grandes Way,Los Hermosos Way,Los Nietos Dr,Lowry Rd,Lyman Pl,Lyric Ave,Manzanita St,Maxwell St,Mayview Dr,Meadow Valley terrace,Melbourne Ave,Monon St,N Alexandria Ave,N Berendo St,N Catalina St,N Commonwealth Ave,N Edgemont St,N Harvard Blvd,N Hobart Blvd,N Hoover St,N Huxley St,N Kenmore Ave,N Kingsley dr,N Mariposa Ave,N New Hampshire Ave,N Normandie Ave,N Oxford Ave,N Serrano Ave,N Vermont Ave,N. Cummings Dr,Nella Vista Ave,Newdale Dr,Nottingham Ave,Observatory Ave,Palmerston Pl,Parva Ave,Prestwick Dr,Price St,Prospect Ave,Radio St,Richland Ave,Roble Vista Dr,Rodney Dr,Ronda Vista Dr,Rosalia Rd,Rowena Ave,Russell Ave,Saborn Ave,Sanborn Ave,Scotland St,Shannon Rd,Silverado Dr,St George St,Sunset Blvd,Sunset Dr,Surry St,Talmadge St,Tica Dr,Tracy St,Tracy Terrace,Udell Ct,Vermont Canyon,Vista Dell Dr,W Katrina Ln,W Los Feliz Park,Waverly Dr,Wayne Ave,Welch Pl,Winona Blvd,Woking Way,Wood terrace"]
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