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Four BIG Reasons you need to keep your cat and small dogs Indoors

Living in the hills we all come across the occasional coyote, raccoon or skunk.  Alone, even the coyote seem innocuous and hardly threatening.  But what we don’t usually see are the hunting habits of that wild creature.  This video was taken from my security camera at night.  It shows….count them, one…two…three and then finally four coyotes circling the gate and then finally marking at the fence.  The two videos prior to this one were of my newly adopted Calico cat going under my gate probably to escape from them.  This is a chilling thing to watch but I think its more important to show everyone living up here with an animal just how dangerous it can be for an unattended cat or small dog because, for the most part, we don’t even realize the coyotes are out there.  They are quiet and stealthy and will stalk in groups  I have more videos that I won’t bore you with showing coyotes staking in broad daylight.  So please we know you love your cat or dog but don’t put them at risk by leaving them outside, or even in a yard alone.  Let them stay inside with you which is where they really want to be anyway …on your lap…or in front of your computer. By Rose Ware