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Love Your Pet by Rose Ware


Spring is here and the time is right for running in the street but if you want to bring your best friend with you, remember to take along a few things that will keep you both safe under the hot sun and prevent heat stroke which can be life-threatening for a dog

Water. You bring a bottle for yourself your dog actually needs it even more than you do. If he’s a long hair he’s wearing an overcoat while you are in shorts and a t-shirt. So strap a bottle in a plastic bag on his harness or keep an extra one in your backpack. You can use the plastic bag as a makeshift water bowl.

Leash. City streets can be a dangerous place for pets. Crossing streets with Cars honking, people riding bikes, skateboarding can alarm even a trained and obedient dog. A short leash in the city will keep your pet safely close to you in case of any sudden distractions. Veterinarians recommend no more than 6 feet between you and your pet. Around busy traffic crossing intersections, I’d say half of that distance.

Going to the country. You can encounter wildlife such as coyotes, skunk, raccoons and even snakes in hillside areas. Dogs are curious, so a strong leash for bigger dogs to curtail losing control when he decides to chase a squirrel or skunk. Keep your small dog on a short leash and watch out for coyotes. Years ago my dog got bite right between the eyes by a rattlesnake curled up nesting during the breeding season. Spring is breeding season for rattlers and when they are most dangerous as they are coiled protecting their eggs.

Hot sidewalks and asphalt pavement can burn your dog’s sensitive paws. He can’t tell you he’s in pain. He’ll just seem anxious and restless but he’s really trying to get you to move onto a cooler spot. Try to stay on the grass or keep him on the grass or dirt rather than asphalt or pavement whenever possible.

Unless he’s got his own car seat dogs should not be made to run alongside you while you bike. It’s not only exhausting for them but even if you have them on a leash it could cause an accident if you lose control and he should never be off a leash while on a city street. It’s the law.

When you can, stop under some shade tree or awning to give your beloved a break. You will both be better for it. And he’ll love you, even more, knowing you understand his needs and care for him so well. Big hug to all the animal lovers Woof!