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Famous residents nowadays: Justin Timberlake

Famous residents: Justin Timberlake

Laurel Canyon Real Estate

Tucked in under the canopy of trees in Laurel Canyon, it’s easy to forget just how close you are to everything. Purchasing a home in Laurel Canyon lends a feeling of escape from the hustle and bustle yet in reality you are a zip away from the city. The leaves and branches drown out the sound of the city but a faint glow at night reminds you that it’s near by. Living here you will be close to all of the major studios like Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount and many more. Luxury real estate in Laurel Canyon is the ideal location for anyone working in the industry. It will keep you in close proximity to the studios and for the jet-set, this neighborhood is just miles from the Burbank studios or Hollywood nightlife. As if the central location was not enough, seeing the majestic Laurel Canyon every morning is a revitalizing way to start your day. To live here is to feel part of Hollywood history, you really can’t go wrong owning a home in Laurel Canyon.

In Hollywood history, Laurel Canyon would find itself to be a nexus of counterculture activity and attitudes in the 1960s. Laurel Canyon became famous for being the home to many of L.A.’s rock musicians such as Frank Zappa who once rented “The Log Cabin Mansion” as a recording studio in 1968 before it burned down in 1981. Right across the street from was the site of a long-gone home of Harry Houdini. Other artists who live in the area included Carole King, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Canned Heat, John Mayall, members of the band The Eagles, the band Love, Neil Young, and Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork of The Monkees. Tork’s home was considered one of Laurel Canyon’s biggest party houses, commonly attended by the hippest musicians and movie stars of the era. Music lovers will really appreciate the legendary history of the homes in Laurel Canyon.

Frank Zappa's former residence in Laurel Canyon

Frank Zappa’s former residence in Laurel Canyon

If you traveled back in time on a sonic time machine, you would hear Jimi Hendrix wailing on his guitar on his back porch letting it echo against the hills for all to hear. Down the street you might hear Jim Morrison answer back, jamming with the rest of the Doors. Several songs and albums were created or inspired by this musical neighborhood, such as “Twelve Thirty” by The Mamas and the Papas; “Our House” by Graham Nash inspired by Joni Mitchell’s home; and John Mayall’s album Blues from Laurel Canyon.

In addition to the Rock and Roll history, Laurel Canyon is currently home to the likes of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and George Clooney. With beautiful scenery, great schools, and general A-list community features, this is an area not to be overlooked by any prospective Hollywood Hills homebuyer.