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Whitley Heights Homes For Sale

Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow

Charlie Chaplin

Whitley Heights Real Estate

When you have neighbors like Gloria Swanson, Charlie Chaplin, Carole Lombard, Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, and Rudolph Valentino you cannot overuse the word historic to classify a neighborhood. Before Beverly Hills, Whitley Heights housed some of Hollywood’s most famed actors, producers and moguls. Today Whitley Heights is a highly desirable burrough and abounds with luxury real estate and incredible views steeped in Hollywood film industry history.

As Hollywood’s first National Historic District (1900), it was also Hollywood’s first Star colony. It was where much of Hollywood’s elite spent their exciting days and nights. Tucked into the hills of Whitley Heights are immaculate homes and mansions for sale.

Perhaps because it was close to the Lasky De Mille Studio on Sunset & Selma, or the United Studios on Melrose & Van Ness, later to be known as Paramount, where most of the silent movies were being filmed as the fledgling industry began. Or maybe because in later years, it was only a brisk walk to The Brown Derby on Hollywood and Cherokee, or Trader Vic’s near Las Palmas for Happy Hour. It was much easier to sleep off that hangover and get to work in the morning if you didn’t have to commute all the way from Downtown or Wilshire.


Gloria Swanson

A larger quotient of stars and starlet residents may contribute to Whitley Heights having the most entertaining and scandalous history of all the hillside communities. Several star’s made headlines with their shocking rendezvous and partying, indulgent drinking and drug experimentation, all of which are brilliantly illustrated in Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon One and Two. The silent film era may be far in the past but the exquisite homes and mansions of Whitley Heights remain.

With more Juliette balconies than in Granada, Spain, this lovely burrough teems with Gothic, Italian, and Mediterranean homes of every style and size. H.W. Whitley, who helped develop Reseda, Van Nuys, and Hollywood, thought of Whitley Heights as his “crowning achievement.” He employed architect A.S. Barnes, and sent him to study the architecture and landscaping of the Mediterranean which Barnes incorporated into the styles of the homes he built in Whitley Heights from 1918 to 1928. Estates are perched high on promontories fastened to the hillsides. Fashioned after the great Gothic estates of Europe, several homes were built by Charles Toberman and John De Lario, who had made a name for himself in other hillside communities. Actress Jean Harlow lived on


This picture still shows the advertisement lettering ‘Whitley Heights’

Whitley Terrace in a Rococo Mediterranean with commanding views of Hollywood. The honeymoon house of Rudolph Valentino and his designer wife, Natashe Rambova, was a Spanish Colonial on Wedgewood Place. It is no understatement that the luxury homes for sale in Whitley Heights are rooted in the glitz and glam of Hollywood history.

Today the Coppola’s and Getty’s grace the expansive halls, baronial sized living rooms and dining rooms, two story fireplaces, winding balustrade staircases, and cathedral beamed ceilings of these homes as the Valentinos and the Barrymores did in the 1920’s. Luxury homes for sale in Whitley Heights are a bridge to the rich historic past yet provide all the modern amenities for the most discriminate buyer.

Whitley Family

Whitley Family