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Selling Your Home in the Hollywood Hills

Experience Counts

We have over 25 years specializing in Hollywood Hills Real Estate. Rose and Terry are in the top ½ % of all Berkshire Hathaway agents nationwide. Decades of experience and world class resources with LA’s finest stagers and property photographers result in a superior experience when selling your home.

Superior Online Marketing Sells Your Home Faster.


84% of buyers start their home search online (California Assoc. of Realtors). We are happy to say that our website and property channel on Youtube had nearly 100K visits in 2016.

  • Several thousands of visits ‘a month’ (an average 4-6K) mean faster sales… Visitors spend an average of 3 minutes on our site in addition to viewing current properties on the HHH YouTube channel.
  • The HHH site had 80,259 page views, 24,491 users and an average session duration of over 2:00 minutes.
  • The HHH YouTube channel had 75,601 minutes of viewed property content, (that’s equivalent to 52 days and 10 hours) and the HHH YT channel has. property 41,451 views.
  • Featured Property Listings. Your home shown as the featured property on our website when first listed for maximum exposure.
  • Property images appear 3 times larger than on the average real estate site for visual impact.
  • One click navigation from a homepage thumbnail to your property page ensures your property is viewed efficiently and OFTEN without tiresome navigation.
  • Full Facebook Integration– Facebookers can find your property on Facebook as well as our website. Through social sharing, your property reaches a much wider local, national and international audience. Additionally allowing prospective buyers the ability to contact Rose and Terry instantly and/ or to easily share their findings with friends and family.
  • Our site is built on Google Apps technology with hourly property updates including hourly updated buyer search results
  • Site features social media bar and sharing buttons with a host of apps from Video conferencing to Google+. Reviews are also consistently updated.

Additional Online Presence

  • Inclusion in the The MLS, the most complete and reliable collection of listings for the Westside, Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley. Plus shared with other Multiple Listing Services throughout Southern California and the United States.
  • Members of Proxio the premier International listing service which allows your home to be introduced to a wealthy international buyer base.
  • Placement on prime real estate websites including, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, Sawbuck, Homefinder and many more.
  • Your property will be promoted on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites.

Additional Promotion

E-Mail newsletter delivered to Westside, Beverly Hills and San Fernando Valley brokers announcing the new listing and each open house.

  • Two Los Angeles Times Photo Ads in the Berkshire Hathaway display pages in the Saturday or Sunday printed editions.
  • Monthly e-Newsletter with a Featured Property column showcasing your home and distributed to our exclusive list of subscribers.
  • 1000 Just Listed color postcards delivered to the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Every Open House promoted online and in print.
  • Custom Color Brochure highlighting your property’s best features and color brochure also presented at Open Houses.
  • Virtual tours/Slideshows of your home’s exterior and interior showcased on all MLS and top Real Estate websites.
  • Advertised locally at the kiosk in the Beachwood Cleaners.
  • Detailed floor plan schematic or features sheet highlighting the details of your home.
  • Complimentary staging and prep consultation from a noted LA Interior Designer.
  • Onsite Display Box at your home filled with Color Flyers and MLS Sheets.
  • Broker’s Open to online and print advertising announcing the new listing.

What Sells A Home? Correct pricing paired with substantial and consistent marketing exposure are the most important factors when selling your home. Even a property that is in bad condition, in a poor location, and has little curb appeal will sell if the pricing reflects its drawbacks. But the same home won’t sell at any price if people aren’t aware of what a great bargain it is. We make sure that all our properties are given wide exposure through traditional as well as web-based media marketing techniques.

STAGING SELLS ” When You List With Us, We Offer All Our Clients a Free Staging Consultation!

Whether staging is in your budget or not, your home will benefit and sell faster with these minor, often overlooked but very noticeable improvements.

The 3 RRR’s of Selling your Home:

Repair all leaking faucets, clogged drains, running toilets, broken gutters, ripped screens, broken sprinkler heads, burned-out light fixtures, broken windows and any other minor repairs you’ve been saying you’ll get around to doing. Plant that bed of roses, pull out those weeds, cut back that dead bush or overgrown tree to reveal your city or canyon view or your prize glory beautiful garden. Bring out the great attributes that made you fall in love with the home.

Refresh is probably the most important of the 3 RRR’s. After the repairs have been tended too it’s time to refresh your home. We know you love your pets, children, and cooking parties… But sometimes these may leave odors that people think come with the house. Refresh any “odorous” areas, i.e.; baby diaper bags, laundry closets, pet beds, cat litter boxes and any other pet areas. Bathrooms and kitchens can almost always use an an extra scrubbing and aromatherapy. Potpourri and scented candles are a great start, but usually, carpet and steam cleaning are what is really needed to tackle trapped odours. Sometimes, it’s easier to call a professional cleaning company to wash windows, skylights, rugs, carpets and kitchen appliances so that your home shines like new.

Remove. You may be able to squeeze by that table or chair to get to a closet or bathroom, but a prospective buyer will think the home may be too small for them. Your home isn’t too small, it’s just been filled with years of consumer accumulation. Get rid of the clutter. Now is the time to call your favorite charity organization and deposit those stacks of Food & Wine and Vogue magazines, baby clothes, toys, mismatched plates, cookware and dated furniture for a tax-deductible donation. Now, for the reality check. You are not going to wear those platforms, fix that defunct printer or fax machine. Pack them away, donate them, or if you must, store them in your garage. Better a garage full of your treasures than a house bursting at the seams. While you’re in the spirit, why not repaint? Painting is the least costly improvement with the most return on dollar investment. Remove outdated light fixtures or faded wallpaper and paint your walls with warm, neutral colors. They not only make rooms appear more spacious and bright, but they give a Buyer a chance see the design of the house and imagine their own furniture and decorating vision. In brief, make your home clean, open and comfortable enough for someone else to think of calling it their home.

Remodeling is not one of The Basic R’s In Preparing Your Home For Sale. Adding that bath or family room is just too time-consuming and rarely gives a good return on an investment. Unless you have lots of equity in your home and time on your hands, forget the remodeling. Do, however, learn the 3 RRR’s: Repair, Refresh and Remove. You have one chance to impress the Buyer who chooses to view your home. The first impression is the lasting impression. Then sit back, relax and when the doorbell rings. we’ll do the rest. Remember that when you list with Hollywood Hills Homes we offer a free staging consultation to bring out the best in your home.

We are sure that you have more questions and are available at your convenience.

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