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Thinking of Hollywood Hills real estate?

Review and locate the Canyons, Neighborhoods, locales, and places where you’ll have scenic views within the area known to native Californians as the Hollywood Hills. Below you will find a few helpful links to local Homeowners Associations within LA County that make up the Hollywood Hills Homes area. Click to read more about these HOA within the areas where you are interested in living inside of Los Angeles County—you’re sure to find the neighborhood that fits your needs and the needs of your family as well!

Los Feliz: From Griffith Park and Los Feliz to Western and Los Feliz north

Some of the hottest up-and-coming homes, real estate, and commercial spaces within Los Angeles County right now, plus breathtaking views and safe neighborhoods you’ll love.

The Oaks: From Fern Dell and Los Feliz to Canyon and Franklin north

One of the most coveted real estate areas within the Hollywood Hills area today where you can take in the morning and night air, free from the worries of the big city where you live.

Hollywood Oasis: From Foothill and Briarcliff north to Tuxedo Terrace and Canyon, and Bronson Canyon

A beautiful bit of respite from the rest of the Hollywood Hills real estate area for 2018 where you will enjoy spending time with your spouse and children.

Bronson Canyon: From Bronson and Franklin to Beachwood and Franklin north

A hot spot for celebrities on the down-low and a great place to raise a family within the Hollywood Hills area today. Terrific schools and great local eateries every place you look.

Beachwood Canyon: From Beachwood and Franklin to Vine Street and Franklin north

Great amenities and lots to do within the Hollywood Hills real estate area for 2018. A great place to raise a family with some of the greatest schools in the Los Angeles County area today.

Hollywood Land: From Belden and Beachwood north on the east to Hollyridge on the west to Durand, Vine Hills and the Hollywood Dell

Tremendous Hollywood history and a lot to do and see within the Hills of Hollywood where you wish to live. A great place to take in the rare soothing atmosphere found only in the hills of LA County.

Hollywood Dell:: From Franklin and Vine Street to Cahuenga and Franklin north

Plenty to do, lots to see, and plenty of space to sprawl out on your own private parcel of land within the Hollywood Hills real estate area.

Hollywood Knolls: From Cahuenga West and Barham to Lake Hollywood and North Knoll south

A beautiful, private enclave of the Hollywood Hills area, perfect for raising your family, seeing the stars you love, and with a great commuter distance from your office within LA County.

Lake Hollywood Estates: From Lake Hollywood and Tahoe to Canyon Lake and Innsdale south

Enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of the Hollywood Hills Homes area, knowing you and your family are safe and sound within a private neighborhood area where you’ll enjoy the mornings and afternoons free from worry.

Hollywood Manor: From Barham and De Witt to Blair and Universal Studios east

A gorgeous, private, safe, and convenient place to live within the Hollywood Hills where you will have every amenity you need all within a short driving distance from any home within the area that you may choose to make an offer on.

Universal Hills: From Lankershim and Ventura to Bennett and Cahuenga West south

A convenient location in a lovely area peppered with great schools, the best local shops, and some of the best restaurants within the Hollywood Hills area. You will love walking or driving to your favorite neighborhood spots with ease.

Whitley Heights: From Cahuenga and Franklin to Highland and Franklin north

A gorgeous and private Hollywood Hills enclave where you can enjoy your family and neighborhood, knowing you and your family are safe.

Hollywood Heights: From Franklin and Highland to Sycamore and Franklin north

Homes and commercial real estate that offer all the amenities you want from the neighborhood where you plan to live over the next several decades.

Outpost Estates: From Franklin and Outpost to Franklin and La Brea north to Mulholland

A beautiful place to call home with all the quiet you want and need at the end of a long day in Los Angeles County.

Wattles Park: From La Brea and Franklin to Curson and Hollywood Boulevard north

Enjoy the convenience of Los Angeles County living as well as enjoying the privacy offered to you by living within the Hollywood Hills area of this busy urban area. You will finally find the quiet you have been craving away from traffic and the congested streets of the LA basin area.

Nichols Canyon: From Genesee/Nichols Canyon and Hollywood Boulevard to Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Boulevard north to Mulholland

A quiet, breathtaking view of the Los Angeles County area with all the trappings of a safe neighborhood, perfect for you and your family.

Mt. Olympus: From Nichols Canyon and Zorada to Hollywood and Laurel Canyon/Mount Olympus east

Gorgeous real estate properties at prices that work for your budget and keep you within commuting distance to your office within Los Angeles County, you will love the size and style of the homes you will see within this area of LA and the Hollywood Hills.

Laurel Canyon: From Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Boulevard north to Mulholland and Allenwood south

A place well known for its quiet and meditative atmosphere within the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles County where you can work from home peacefully, pick up the kids from school, enjoy a bit of respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, and take in some of your favorite local attractions with ease.

Sunset Strip: From Laurel Canyon and Sunset to Doheny and Sunset north

A lovely and spirited section of the Hollywood Hills within the large and sprawling Los Angeles County. Certainly with its own attractions, including some of the best restaurants and shops within the Hollywood Hills, as well as some of the best schools within all of Southern California today.

Mulholland Corridor: From Laurel Canyon and Mulholland and Woodrow Wilson to Cahuenga West and Mulholland and Woodrow Wilson South

As well known as it is cozy and safe, this area of the Hollywood Hills is highly coveted for all the right reasons, which you will quickly come to appreciate when you come on a tour of these quiet, gorgeous Los Angeles County homes.

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